assistant pastor


Rev. Michael Draper accepted the Lord at an early age. He received his ordination as a deacon at the age of seventeen under the leadership of Elder Donald Outterbridge of the Harris Chapel U.H.C.A., and he served as the co-chairman of the deacon board.


Rev. Draper was the youngest elected second vice president of the Y.P.H.A. of the Eastern Pennsylvania District. Also, he was the first elected Assist Superintended of the B.C.S. department for the Eastern Pennsylvania District.


Rev Draper dedicated his life to the education of  Christians young and old. He believed what the scripture says in Hosea 3:6, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” In the year 1980 he married Charlotte Wright of the New Birth U.H.C.A., under the leadership of the late Pastor Carmella Brown; through their union they have five sons.


In year 1984 Rev. Draper joined Temple of Refuge Evangelistic Church, under the leadership of Pastor Evelyn Westfield where the Lord called him to the ministry even to this day.


Rev. Draper plays an active role as the Assistant Pastor. His humble and gentle spirit seeks to help and counsel individuals in need of a listening ear and an encouraging word. His belief is “I am here to serve, not be served. There is nothing too big or too small for God’s house’s or God’s people."